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SSNI-053 – The point and click Mega-hit Nikkan 3D Boobs anime RION in a full live-action!!

SSNI-053 – The point and click Mega-hit Nikkan 3D Boobs anime RION in a full live-action!!

パンケイクス メガヒット肉感3DおっぱいアニメをRIONで完全実写!!

Big breasts 3D animation’s monologue work “Pancakes”! The overwhelming sense of physicality that WANTAN WORKS drew out, and the shiny lustrous tits that could be expressed because of 2 dimensions, were realistically reproduced with RION, the owner of the ultimate tits in the AV world. Uncle of a breasted star Men agitate the plump breasts of Big Breast Beautiful athletes! To pinch Shake! commit! 120% live-action picture of thorough milk fetish depiction! This is a must-see work that will become the first original collaboration of RION!

配信開始日:2017/11/12商品発売日:2017/11/19収録時間:87分(HD版:87分)出演者:RION監督:紋℃シリーズ:----メーカー:エスワン ナンバーワンスタイルレーベル:S1 NO.1 STYLEジャンル: 淫乱・ハード系  巨乳  パイズリ  美少女  ギリモザ  単体作品  独占配信  ハイビジョン  原作コラボ 品番: ssni00053
巨乳3Dアニメの金字塔作品「パンケイクス」!WANTAN WORKSが描き出した圧倒的肉感、2次元だからこそ表現できた照りツヤ爆乳をAV界の究極おっぱいの持ち主、RIONでリアルに再現しました。おっぱい星人の変態おじさんが爆乳美人アスリートの豊満な乳房を揉む!挟む!揺らす!犯す!徹底した乳フェチ描写を120%実写化!RION初の原作コラボとなる今作は必見です!

Japanese Sex Video, Japanese Adult Video or JAV are required by Japanese law to have genitals censored, JAV Censored.
However there are also uncensored videos meant for oversea consumption, outside of Japan, JAV Uncensored.
In comparison, as there are no other restrictions except the censorship of genitals and child pornography, Japanese Sex Video has more porn variety in sex acts and fetishes.
This gave a lot of creativity space to JAV adult sex film makers and hence a lot of people find Japanese porn more interesting.


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