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Our Registration System is WORKING. Here is how you can register if you have troubles.

Posted 2017/12/06 982 1

Our registration system works fine!!

It is only broken when you are infact a ROBOT trying to hack the login and registration.


This is how our registration works.

  1. Fill in your desired username and email at Registration Page and click register.
    After this step, you still cannot login because you do not have a password.
    You must go to your email to get the SET PASSWORD Link.
  2. Check your email and get the SET PASSWORD link
    You will receive an email asking you to set your password.
    If you do not find the email in your inbox, check your SPAM folder.
    Click the set password link in the email (make sure you click the longer link in the email with the “?key and action” parameters).
  3. Follow the link and set your password
    You will arrive at the login page asking you to set your password. Make sure you key in the new password to something you can remember. Click set password and you are done.
  4. Success! Now you will have both username and password to login.

Please understand, most websites are bombarded by about 10 to 100 thousands brute force login attack and spamming attempts each day and our site is no different.
These hack attempts are done by internet robots which do not sleep and all they do is try to hack website systems every 1 or 2 minutes, 24 hours a day. They will switch different IP every time and there is no effective ways to block every one of them.
Hence that is why the need for the more complicated registration procedure.




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at 8:45 pm

Finally, success!

I don’t know if it was my previous (failed) attempt to register as “TheRegistrationSystemIsBroken” which prompted this notice, but nevertheless, thank you for clarifying that the system is working. In hindsight, the fact that other people were managing to register successfully should have been a clear indicator that the problem was on my end. Oops!

As you might imagine, my intention in registering was so that I could post in the requests section; unfortunately, when I initially attempted to register with a Hotmail account, I never received an email to set my password – and I did remember to check my spam folder as well 🙂 Following that, I tried to use the password reset function to see if I would receive an email through that method, but no luck.

At that point, I wasn’t inclined to continue attempting to register using a genuine email address, just in case I ended up receiving a boatload of spam emails. Switching to a disposable email address seemed like a workable solution, and I did manage to receive a registration confirmation notice that way, but the only link it contained was to the standard login page. Confused, frustrated, and thinking that the system might be having difficulties, I tried several times over several days to register, but to no avail.

From there, I saw my options as: give up, contact JAVRAVE through one of its social media channels, or attempt to relay a message by registering with an “informative” username. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, but I also wasn’t enthused about going through the hassle of making a Facebook or Twitter account just to send a message to the JAVRAVE admin either – thus, option number three, which (surprisingly) appears to have been successful. Of course, correlation =/= causation, but hey, either way – problem solved.

Anyway, if you saw it, that’s the story behind “TheRegistrationSystemIsBroken”. No ill-will intended whatsoever, as I very much appreciate the efforts of the person or people behind JAVRAVE. Thanks again for your uploads, for promptly fulfilling people’s requests, and for even taking the time to set the record straight for airheads like me who can’t even manage to register for a website.